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   A real simulator that will give you the feeling to make love to your favorite pornstar watching her/his film. It can fully be controlled by videos read on almost any kind of smart phones Android and IOS (more than 8000 models compatible). You can watch your favorite adult content and feel the cup working accordingly to the action. 


  It comes with a free application that can read HD quality content. 

Both Automatic and Manual modes can works simultaneously when playing an interactive video. The Automatic mode has a priority over the manual one.  


  This product is simple to use, it gives one of the best feelings by combining rotation while thrusting back and forth. It will gives you the feeling of blowing, rubbing, twisting and squeezing.


  The price of the product include the access to an very fast increasing number of free interactive content (3 hours that will become about 10 hours end of august 2019). but it also read the highly qualitative interactive videos of our partners: Dorcel, Jackie et Michel, Bawd & Beautiful, Poopea Pons, Melany Paris, Kelly Dolls, Sebastian Barrio, an extreme reasonable price (between 4 and 8 euros for lifetime videos download).


   This product is assembled in Europe and will not cost you any unexpected taxes. the price you pay here is final, it includes also the free contents of the free gallery reserved to our clients.


   - Material: ABS/TPE

   - Battery Li-On rechargeable

   - Rechargeable with a USB cable (included)

   - Black classy satin bag to store your product discretly

   - 8 modes and 3 continous speed of rotations and thrust

   - Interactive mode and manual simultaneously

   - Include Application for Android (6 and higher), Ios (Iphone 6 and   


   - Acces to more than 3 hours of free interactive content (accessible 

      to users only)

   - Access to high quality reasonable prices content from recognized 

      producers and stars: Click Here

   - Charging time < 3h

   - Playing time 2.5 hours

   - Optional:  connection to