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Remote controled Kegel Balls including vibrator


Soft surface that not only will give you pleasure but will train your perineal muscle having, for instance, programmed vibration to workout your perineum every 6 seconds. 


According to the kegel exercise theory, these balls  help those who have a loose vagina after giving birth. Insert one  ball for the first exercise, then insert both to  have  gradual increased weights for different exercise needs. Effective kegel exercise helps to strengthen woman's PC muscle, improving health while bringing sexual benefits and satisfaction. For daily exercise or postpartum recovery, These high-tech vibrating balls are the best for you

Since they are quite silent, you can keep them when you walk, run or swim, change the frequence mode anytime to modify the effort to retain them.  Gravity and vibration will be combined  to make the ball tends to slip out of your body, but the vibration stimulates your PC muscle to shrink and stop the ball from slipping out. Over time, these vibrations will help strengthen your PC muscle through your every movement. That is how these Kegel balls exercises your vagina.

These Kegel balls are made from ultra soft silicone to ensure comfort and safety. They are 100% waterproof which makes the operation and cleaning process incredibly easy.


- 7 vibration modes

- Rechargeable Battery

- Soft silicon and ABS materials

- Size 77mm x 36mm

- Remote controle distance: about 10m

- Waterproof 100%


SKU: 700461030584
  • 700461030584