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What this new generation of automated masturbators bring to users?

Making your fantasies come true is not a new topic, especially in science fiction. For instance, in Minority Reports from Steven Spielberg, a man in a commercial VR (Virtual Reality) establishment fantasizes himself being congratulated by a group of people while feigning humbleness. VR in porn has been widely developed already, we can see in Europe hundreds of content available from Jacquie et Michel or Dorcel. The VR headset has not been widely adopted so far, even though some scenes such as having sex with 5 or 6 awesome creatures is pretty tempting. What people want here is to be explore new feelings, new ways to get aroused, and new ways to have pleasure. Since ages, Masturbator, Dildo, God, ... have been used to play, to discover one's new desire, new sensitive spot, new sensations. Without any surprise, the new

High Tech For Fantasy and Sex
Minority Report

technology is appearing with solutions in that domain too. Stronger vibrators are available thanks to the huge improvement of the increasing capacity/size ratio of rechargeable batteries. Dual pleasure toys are also becoming popular, because they offer a multiple locations and sensors stimulation at the same time to increase pleasure. we can also mention the evolution of new textures such as silicon giving a skin-silk touch. The Automatic masturbators, as they are called, give more or less a way to jump into the new era of "augmented sexuality". Wearing such a device to help yourself having pleasure, is also getting close to the philosophy of transhumanism, in which these devices are used to add new possibilities to your bodies. In that spirit, we wanted to offer a solution to this quest for learning our own pleasure by stimulating at the same time various sensors, multiple senses. Our brain has a strong power of resistance to believe fake stimuli (power of disbelief), but when these stimuli are all combined and applied together, keeping a perfect synchronization among them, it is then possible to make people immersed into their fantasy. we call that phenomenon: the suspension of disbelief. We worked on synchronizing stimuli to give the brain the way to let it go into the action: video, intimate massage (or masturbation) with various frequencies and modes, heat, skin touch, humidity, sounds have all be combined to keep the feeling of reality to our brain in order to live a totally new adventure in sexuality. Check our interactive legs, or interactive masturbator, as well as our interactive content from the most famous producers being their distributor, as well as distributor of porn stars' content such as Kelly Doll, Sebastian Barrio, Melany Paris, Poopea Pons. and much more coming soon and that will be announced here for offering much more diverse pleasures.

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