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Tom Sridix 

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When do you choose to design a product? 

Anytime a customer is giving us a wish of something he cannot find and we cannot find for him/her among our partners, we can decide to make an innovative product: That was the case for the interactive masturbator. 

What are your criteria of selection for partners, brands and sextoys you decide to sell?


Aesthetic design, Clean material, easy to wash and keep maximum hygiene, Reliable and very experienced partners that have designed and build toys for years. We are consumer centric and we always think about the client usages to check a product. All our selections have been tested and usually entirely dismounted to check how they are well finished and quality of the assembly. We currently work with 100 toys maker and we can basically respond to any of your requests in term of product outsourcing, designing product or modifying existing product for you, study and modify your existing product for a second life.... For study and outsourcing please contact us by email.  


Can I suggest new products, ask you to oursource products I cannot find and give you ideas for making new products?

The Answer of this questions is simple: YES, YES and YES please. Write to us, and above all, subscribe to this site, you are more than welcome to participate to a blog in which you can be participative and ask us anything, share any requierement, any fantasy of products, etc...

Why should i need an automated Masturbator? 

The Sextoys for men and women available on the market have amazing features, and most of them provide a great fun. But they come with a lot of possibilities of speeds and modes; when you are watching your favorite content using your toy, you don't want to bother with the selection of the modes and speed, you just want to enjoy the feeling of being into the film without anything to do, Basically you want the toy to be in charge to simulate what your see.

What is its energy consumption of my Vibrator?


Consumption is very important point for us. We are very careful to reduce it at the maximum. Nothing is more annoying than having no battery when you feel like using a toy. Our products lasts between 30 minutes to 6 hours at full speed and continuous mode.  Despite its innovative technology, the consumption of our products are not increasing. Be aware that other products that offer multiple movements, multiple motors and any other consuming parts,  will just empty your battery after a very short time. 

Simplicity preferred to complexity

When using a Sextoy, you don't want to spend your time reading a technical documentation in order to use it. Some connected objects looks more like a class of computer science than pleasure session. We have designed an extremely simple product to use to keep focus on pleasure and not on science.

Does "launching" new products means they are totally reliable? 

Every  new product that  we decide to sell is  fully functional and fully tested.  We respect our users and we do believe that a non finished product might have unexpected problems that can imply late delivery or even defaults.


​How Do I Place An Order?


Place your order in our shop here. You can place any size or order. For a large quantity such as 500 pieces, we can offer you a customization of the product or design and make the packaging you like. For that large orders please contact us by email. 

Professionals, Sex Shops, please send us an email, we can design, customize, re-design one of your product for a "second-life" or/and outsource for you.


Payment and Shipping


We will ship your product from  Paris or Hong Kong, please mention what speed of shipping you want. The prices indicated here are not including your country's taxes.

Be aware of a 2 weeks delivery when outside Europe and Asia. Your payment will be secured and discreet.

You can choose to pay by Paypal or any credit card (Master card, Visa, American Express).

Please contact us for large quantities, a bank transfer will be cheaper.

Technical Support and Application

We have opened a blog on this site that will be used to demonstrate the products we selected. There is a page for our client (in English) (in French) for our client to come and see tutorials for the products that needs few videos to explain more than their manual. (password for this pages are available on the manual of our products)

The Interactive masturbator works with an App you that will download for free (link and QR code given in its manual). This app is compatible with more than nine thousands different models of smartphone and tablets.

Where do I find Interactive content ?

We provide few contents for free to our buyers to make sure they have something to watch with  the product. A link to watch and download our content is given inside the box of products. We are doing our best to provide more than 400 free contents in the coming month. Beside, we are actively working with the best content producers and we are proud to announce that we are also distributors of contents from the famous producers Dorcel , Jacky et Michel and Bawds and Beautiful. We are also distributors of stars that create their own content: Melany Paris, Poopea Pons, Kelly Dolls and Univers'Dolls.  These contents will be showing your  favorite international actors and actresses, as if you were immersed into the film. These contents will be available in the shop section for a very reasonable price. the content for free are only accessible for clients, while the non-free are available in our shop

Are there any other uses of toys?​

Even if this question sounds surprising at the first sight, There are indeed other uses for toys, mainly for the women one who are vibrating strongly: they are also used for massage or to exercise some muscles such as the perineum after pregnancy.

Returns & Refunds

Products returned to us will be to your charge. Refunds will be made only in case of dysfunctioning not due to wrong use of the product. Most of our products are waterproof  and satisfies the international safety regulations. But double check their manual before using water to wash them.